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Side shot of Vanilla Bean Sugar in a mason jar with a vanilla bean sticking out on a white surface.

Vanilla Bean Sugar

This Vanilla Bean Sugar has both vanilla bean and vanilla extract infused into the
sugar, making the best smelling and best tasting sugar ever!

Course Sides and Snacks
Keyword beverages, desserts, infused sugar, quick and easy
Prep Time 8 minutes
Servings 2 cups
Author Megan Wells


  • 2 cups raw sugar or regular sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 vanilla bean halved and beans scrapped out


  1. Combine the sugar, vanilla extract, and vanilla beans in a food processor and pulse until combined. Lay out on a baking sheet and let dry. Store in an airtight container.

Recipe Notes

Raw sugar can be very hard to dissolve in liquid, even when it’s hot. If you are going to be using the sugar in drinks primarily, I would suggest using regular sugar. I grind mine in a mortar and pestle to make it easier to dissolve if I’ll be using it in drinks. You can also put it in a high-speed blender and pulse until the grains are finer.