Pre-Surgery Jitters


My pre-surgery jitters in the days leading up to my j-pouch surgery

Since getting a surgery date (May 20, 2016), anytime I look at a calendar, my pre-surgery jitters start kicking in. I’ve recently taken to looking at my stomach wondering what it’s going to feel and look like after the surgery. And that’s why I’m all about distracting and pampering myself.

Staying Distracted

I’ve been doing a lot of baking, cooking, and trying to get ahead in drafting blog posts so I can publish while in the hospital.

Hiking and enjoying little picnics by myself is helping calm the busy and frantic pace of my mind, a side effect of the prednisone. It’s crazy how fast the surgery date has crept up on me.

The fact I’m having my colon removed didn’t feel real for the longest time. But that changed eventually with my pre-operation appointments.

Pampering Myself

Besides trying to get lots of work done, I’ve also been trying to pamper myself.

Sunday, May 15th, I got all dressed up, experimented taking selfies with my new iPhone, and went to Journey Coffee to work, and treat myself to a lavender latte.

I will always remember this day vividly. While I was there, I got a call from scheduling with my surgery time. The nurse went through when I needed to arrive, where to go, and the timeline of events for that day. This moment, more than any other, was what made everything real.

While on the phone, listening in a dazed state, colors became brighter and sounds faded. I felt very present in my body like I could feel every part of it.

I packed up my things soon after because I wasn’t able to concentrate anymore.

Monday the 16th, was my appointment for a nurse to mark the place where my stoma will be if they can’t do the whole surgery in one go.

After, I treated myself to a potato gnocchi dish (golden Yukon potatoes, parmesan cream, English peas, spring onion, and wild arugula) from Corner’s Tavern in Walnut Creek, where I’m having the surgery. I loved how light it was. Usually, gnocchi is covered in lots of rich sauce but not this one.

My next post will come from either the hospital or the comfort of my bed, depending on how well I do.

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