Part VII – Being on Prednisone for My Second UC Flare Recovery

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Being on Prednisone for the first time for my second UC flare and the various effects it had on my mind and body + adding mercaptopurine (6MP) and allopurinol to my daily routine

At first, I didn’t notice any symptoms from being on Prednisone. But by October 27, 2014, my brain would not shut up. It moved a mile a minute and I had so much excess energy. My family got exhausted watching me. I would sleep for two hours and then be back up, mind and body racing a mile a minute.

This blog actually started with all that excess energy. I researched blogging and photography non-stop for a month and then started creating recipes, photographing food, and writing. It was a great outlet for me but my focus was slightly obsessive.

Psychiatric Adverse Effects of Prednisone

Even though I had excess energy, the Prednisone turned it into a complicated obsessive and emotional stew that was constantly boiling over. I could not for the life of me direct the energy and drive to other aspects of my life. Working on my blog was the only thing I could do.

I was extremely sensitive and would have emotional break downs, instigated by something that interrupted my routine. For example:

  • A grocery store not having a specific ingredient
  • Not being able to finish a project
  • Being unable to run the errands I needed to, etc

All of these things would set me off. I would walk around looking for what I needed or I would stare into space. And a heavy pressure in my throat would build and build and I wouldn’t be able to talk. It felt like I was literally choking on my words. I could only step back, cry in my room, breathe deeply, and then rejoin the world.

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Mercaptopurine (6MP) and Allopurinol

You can’t be on Prednisone for a long time because of the side-effects. But you can’t go cold turkey on it either. My doctor slowly reduced the amount of Prednisone I was on and added new medications to bolster the Remicade.

When you go into a flare while on Remicade and have to take steroids to get better, more medication has to be added. Once the steroids are taken away, your body struggles to maintain remission. I was put on Mercaptopurine (6MP) and eventually on Allopurinol as well. 6MP can cause uric acid levels to increase and Allopurinol helps the body metabolize the toxins faster so that you don’t get a toxic build-up.

So there I was, blogging, creating recipes, and taking pictures while healing and monitoring my health through food journals and bi-weekly blood tests. I was focused on the positive but sometimes it’s hard to see your symptoms creep back into your daily life.

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