Part I – The Beginning of My UC Story

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What my symptoms were and the struggles I had getting health care

The Beginning: Symptoms

In the beginning, I started experiencing abdominal cramps and every time I ate, I felt intense pain and had to immediately rush to the bathroom. Visiting a doctor began looking like a good idea, but I was too busy.

For three days before Thanksgiving, I didn’t eat so I could continue to work. But not eating doesn’t make you the smartest cookie in the cookie jar and I was starting to feel the effects. I managed to drive to Vacaville, my hometown, the night before Thanksgiving.

The next day my family told me that it looked like I lost weight. I feel like most people are so used to seeing themselves a certain way. It can be hard to see the changes in your own body without other people pointing them out.

I had lost seven pounds and I never lose weight. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. The weight loss confirmed to me that there was definitely something wrong. I started eating again because I realized that not eating was not helping anything. 

Worsening Symptoms

But after Thanksgiving, for a two-week period, things got a lot worse and I was still loosing weight. My joints felt like they were on fire, my eyes hurt, I was nauseous, and I was having 15 to 20 bowel movements a day, with the worst occurring at night. 

I would go to sleep for a maximum of two hours and then every hour of the night I would have to rush to the bathroom. I used a whole cupboard of toilet paper! That’s expensive. Because of my lack of sleep, I developed a really bad head cold, so my nose felt like it was broken as well.

For those two weeks, the toilet bowl was also red from bleeding in my colon. My stomach cramps and spasms were so bad that my parents were beginning to think my colon had perforated. It was time to get help. But this started the most frustrating and confusing part of my story. Health Care.

The Beginning: The Health Care Fiasco

As an undergrad, I had gone to UCSC (Banana Slugs!!!). In the University of California systems, the school health insurance was required. Because I was a graduate student at a California State University, I assumed I was covered by the school’s insurance. But I was dead wrong. State schools do not offer health insurance.

I tried getting insurance and was sold a crappy policy that did not even apply in California. Being out of my mind with pain didn’t allow for me to be the very best judge of scammers. My dad took over after this fiasco since I was obviously an easy mark. Kaiser Permanente was chosen but because of the new Affordable Care Act, nothing was starting until January 1.

Paying Out of Pocket

Finally my family decided that we would just pay out of pocket at Sutter Regional, the place I used to go when I was under their insurance. 

  • It was $100 per visit
  • On my first appointment, I had to take blood and stool tests at $525
  • The tests all came back negative but I had to pay another $100 for an appointment to learn that
  • I saw a GI specialist a week later ($100 again)
  • The whole process took 3 weeks

By the time I saw the GI specialist I had gotten over the worst of my symptoms on my own. But I was still not able to eat without going to the bathroom soon after. 

He asked really good questions, listened closely, and said it could be one of two things. I could have had an undetected virus that attacked my digestive tract and I was suffering from Post-IBS. Or it could be a more chronic condition like Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or colon cancer

The only way to diagnose me was to get a colonoscopy done. He recommended, because of my health care situation, waiting until I was covered by insurance, especially since I had been getting better. So I waited to get the ball rolling.

My story continues in Part II – UC Diagnosis and Adjustment

My Whole UC Story

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