Grapefruit French 75

This Grapefruit French 75 recipe is a pink version of the classic cocktail in honor of Galentine’s Day. It’s a bright, refreshing, and semi-sweet delight that bubbles up with positivity.  

The PTSD Feedback Loop

Telling stories about my trauma helps me deal with my PTSD. But the positive responses that I get from sharing my story can reinforce my PTSD feedback loop. I go down a spiral where I become hyper-focused on my past trauma and how it still affects me.

At First Blush Gin Sour

This At First Blush Gin Sour is light, subtly fruity and sweet with a luscious texture, making it a gin and absinthe cocktail that is extremely friendly to everyone.

Sazerac Drink Recipe

This Sazerac drink recipe is a stiff one composed of an absinthe rinse, water, demerara sugar, Peychaud’s bitters, rye, cognac, and orange peel. It’s heady, aromatic, and has layers of flavors pretty complex for such a simple drink.

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